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75 Points - X-Wing Battle Report

Mission: Get In, Get Out (Classic)

By ultimate_dave

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Toe and I decided to play a narrative mission, for the 1st time: "Get In, Get Out," from the YT-2400 box. I'm not 100% sure, but I think this puts my record against Toe at 1,243 to 1 or so, in my favor.

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Neither Ultimate Toe, nor myself, had played any narrative missions up until this point. We usually just throw together a quick list (usually,featuring whatever new hotness ship we just got!) and throw some dice. We decided to try something a little different this time.
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Turn 1

As the mission dictated, we took turn placing the Caches blindly (upside down). I tried to cluster mine near one part of the table, to draw Toe in, and keep his movement somewhat predictable.

In Turn 1, Toe's YT-2400 simply moved up, but missed his 1st cache by like 1/4 an inch. I moved my Phantom straight up, and Cloaked, and simply moved my Interceptors in a bit, avoiding debris and asteroids.

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Turn 2

I anticipated Toe's next move incorrectly. I thought he would try and maneuver to somehow get the first Cache, but he surprised me by blasting forward toward another one. Hence, all my ships are way out of position! :)

Toe tosses a Target Lock on one Interceptor, and tosses one damage on it.

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Turn 3

I recover pretty quickly in this turn, and bear down on Toe's Dash Rendar with all 3 ships. Unfortunately, my Phantom takes 1 damage from a debris field...

Toe picks up his first Cache, which is, of course, an intact one. I think I take 1 shield off the YT-2400 here.

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Turn 4

A bit of fancy maneuvering, and I swarm the YT-2400.

Toe blasts my Phantom with Proton Rockets, but it survives.

Sadly, Dash is just out of my Phantom's firing arc, but. I plink a couple more shields off, I think.

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Turn 5

At this point, maneuvering gets a little dumb, and we both try to stay on the table.

Having expended his secondary weapon, Toe's Dash Rendar is unable to shoot at Range 1 now, much to his annoyance. If I remember correctly, Dash loses the last of his shields here.

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Turn 6

Maneuvering is still annoying and clustered, but starts to open up a bit.

Toe moves his YT-2400 up a bit, grabbing a 2nd Cache. This one, too, is Intact, meaning Toe only needs 1 more.

I think my red Interceptor takes 1 damage.

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Turn 7

More lucky maneuvering keep my ships mostly in Range 1, and I finally get a shot with my Phantom. At Range 1, that's 5 attack dice to Toe's 2 agility dice.

Dash's shields are already gone, and the Phantom throws 4 damage on the YT-2400! One more and it's toast!

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Turn 8

Toe tries to make a break for another Cache, but my maneuvering is spot on, and he's surrounded!

All 3 of my ships have shots, and Toe's YT-2400 can't shoot anything of mine, since they are all at Range 1! 

My Interceptors are both Pilot Skill 6, and the I fire with the striped one, since he hasn't done much today. That's all I need, as 1 damage gets through, destroying the YT-2400!

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I have you now! - Turn 8 (Image 2 of 2)

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Man of the Match - Sigma Squadron Pilot

Once again, my Phantom was a superstar. His massive attack dice, couple with wacky maneuverability, make him a star. He threw a ton of damage on the YT-2400 this match.

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BFU - Missing the 1st Cache

Had Ultimate Toe snagged that 1st Cache token he blew by, he would have won easily. After the match, we checked, and it was the last of the Intact Caches. All he would have had to do was fly off the board after turn 6.

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Final Summary

All in all, a fun game. It was very different having objectives on the table, as it made predicting Toe's movement a bit easier, overall. I knew he had to go for the Caches, so I was able to plan a little better.

Also, the mission seems a bit lopsided. Imperials get 75 points to play with, but the Rebels get one 58 point ship. In addition, the Imperials can reinforce with Academy Pilot TIEs if they lose a ship! I never had to do that, but it seems like it would have been overkill anyway.

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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